Monday, January 18, 2016

Finger Foods for Infants

Sophia recently turned 10 months. We're at that point where she's still eating stage 3 baby food some (Gerber Lil' Bits), mainly at the baby sitters, but trying to introduce finger foods. She loves to feed herself whenever she can! Coming up with solid foods that she can feed herself can be tough. I've been working to compile a list of creative foods that will be perfect for our little ones and offer a variety. Its so easy to open up a can of no salt or sugar added green beans or peas but that can definitely get old quickly.....

  • Grilled Cheese/Cheese Sandwich- this is one of Sophia's favorites! For her grilled cheese I just spread a small amount of butter on each side and toast it in the skillet. After its cooled, I cut the edges off of the sandwich and then cut it into small squares that she can feed herself. I've also tried just doing a cheese sandwich and microwaving it for like 10 seconds to melt the cheese a bit and cutting off the edges. She doesn't seem to like this as much and I think the bread tends to stick to her mouth a bit.
  • Vegetable Soup or Chicken & Stars-Sophia loves both of these! I don't add water to either unless I feel its a little thick (depends on the brand you purchase). 1 can can usually make about 2 meals for her. Just microwave it for a few seconds to warm it.
  • Fruit- Sophia loves to eat fruit! This is perfect for a snack! She loves blueberries! She can feed them to herself easily. If they are rather large blueberries then I'll cut them in half for her. She also loves bananas. Now they can be a little difficult for them to pick up since they are so soft and slick so thanks to pinterest, there's a much simpler way to eat them! First, cut your banana in half. Then, cut around the peal, just enough to where you can peal it off exposing just about an inch or two of banana. This allows them to hold on to the banana peal and eat it without a mess!

  • Pancakes/Waffles- These are super easy to prepare for your little one. Just break them apart into bit size pieces

    Sophia eats whatever we eat for the most part. On the occasion that we have something that she can't have then we rely on something from above. She also loves to eat ravioli, cut into pieces. Kroger brand, over near the microwave cups of ravioli, has chicken & rice as well as chicken and dumplings. These make great back up meals for them as well and are perfect for the baby sitters! 

    Pinterest has tons of great ideas as well for great foods for your little ones

    We would love to add to this list! If you have something you'd like to suggest please let us know!