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Hi! I'm Ashley-founder and blogger at The Mommy Room. I married my soul mate, Jeffrey in 2010 and we had our first child, Sophia in 2015. Since that day life has been a fun and interesting adventure! Being a mommy can be so fun and rewarding but we all (especially us new moms) need a little help occasionally! The Mommy Room was created a few months after my sweet Sophia was born. As I new mom I wanted a place where I could go to "mingle" with other moms, share my experiences & stories or even ask for advice! It has been SUCH a help to me in my journey! 

The Mommy Room was founded in Summer of 2015. It began as a small group of me and my friends but grew dramatically within days! At almost a year old, our Facebook group has grown to over 1k members. I never imagined it would grow to that point and I absolutely love that it has become a wonderful community of moms of all ages and all backgrounds helping each other out! 

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