Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Bubbleguppies Birthday Party ~ Sophia Turns 2

Its hard to believe that Sophia is 2! It seems like just yesterday when we were rushing to the hospital! I can remember all the details so vividly!  Choosing a party theme for a toddler can be tough! I started my party planning back in December. At the time Sophia wasn't really into anything so I had decided on a Mermaid Theme! Pinterest had given me plenty ideas on cheap DIY decorations as always and I couldn't wait to get started! As January rolled around she became a bit more interested in Nick Jr's Bubbleguppies! She loves the music and can't wait to watch it in the evenings when we get home! Luckily for mommy, it was easy enough to transition from a mermaid theme to Bubbleguppies! 

The Invitations

This mom always likes to do fun custom invitations. Its one of the things I spend a little extra money on just to make it special! As I browsed the web, I just couldn't find anything to match what I wanted.  Thankfully being a photographer, I'm familiar enough with Photoshop to be able to create my own designs! I was able to put together this adorable invitation for Sophia's 2nd birthday! 

I was also able to luck out and find the characters on google for download for FREE!
They are great to print out for decoration!

Y'all, our decorations were super SIMPLE. 
I'm talking balloons and then lots of green crepe paper "sea weed"
I also had a super cute "happy birthday" banner that I found at Target's dollar section a while back. The colors matched perfectly!

I also created a fun chalkboard with her stats for everyone to see as they walked in!

The Cake
A special cake makes the party! We love to put a lot of thought into the cake! 
The amazing Sarah's Cuppycake Boutique made Sophia's cake. She even added a little something extra special by adding the fish bowl in the middle! It was a bit hit and Everyone absolutely LOVED it! The inside of the cake was a delicious cookies & cream on the bottom layer and a yummy strawberry flavor for the top layer! 

Throwing a Bubbleguppies party for your little one? We'd love to hear your ideas!