Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The All Natural Momma

November of 2016 I decided to take my first step towards a healthier and natural lifestyle. I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils and purchased my very first Premium Starter Kit.
Why did I do it? Honestly, I was SO desperate! I had some health issues and had tried almost everything to take care of it and nothing seemed to work. Little did I know that receiving that kit would be one of the greatest things ever!

Since joining Young Living and being surrounded by many other ladies I quickly began to step back and take a look at the products we were using. Little by little I've been able to replace those items with natural items created by Young Living or even products that I've made myself using essential oils! For example- this weekend I made my very own Bug Spray and I was able to kick my dryer sheets to the curb and replaced them with essential oil scented dryer balls! Its unbelievable how affordable it is and it gives you such a wonderful feeling!

I also LOVE that I'm able to safely use many essential oils with my daughter who's 2. 
She is getting used to them and loves for mommy to rub them on her feet. That's her nightly "foot massage"! My favorite is blending peppermint, lemon & R.C. with coconut oil and rubbing it on her chest. Its amazing for coughing! You guys....this stuff is like magic! Rub it on at bedtime and say goodbye to the pesky cough!

Why the Premium Starter Kit?
Well because its pretty amazing, its a great price AND it includes some of the best oils to get you started! Get everything pictured above plus MORE for $160. Y'all this kit is retail at over $300! You can't beat this AND best of all....the bottle of Tangerine is FREE with it this month! So you have 1 more day left to take advantage of it! 
When you become a wholesale member it also gives you our member discount! You'll get 24% off for life! No sales requirements at all..just place a $50 order per year!
There are also some great options to earn more oils for free!

What are you waiting for????!!!!