Thursday, June 2, 2016

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hospital Bags- What to Pack for the Delivery Room

It seems like everywhere you look right now, there's someone expecting. Pregnancy is an exciting time but when its your firs time, it can be a bit scary. You take the classes and you hear advice from lots of people.....some advice you don't even want to hear. Packing your hospital bag can be a tough job. Its your first time so you really aren't sure what you'll need besides the necessities and if your like me, your an overpacker......meaning you want to pack everything but the kitchen sink because you want to be prepared! 

I am definitely one of those persons. Sophia's bag was packed with diapers, wipes, and all that good stuff, quite a few outfits (because I wasn't sure which coming home outfit would be the right size), sleepers, blankets and a whole bunch of other stuff that I might just need.

After having my sweet bundle of joy I can tell you that half the stuff I packed wasn't necessary at all. So what do you really need? The Mommy Room is here to help you out! 

Our list is compiled of suggestions from different mommies in our group. Some of these things may be necessary for some and not for others.

Mom's Bag

Nursing Bra if breastfeeding 
Comfortable Underwear (aka "granny panties" may think I'm crazy but trust me)
Overnight Pads (these things are ridiculously big and thick BUT they are amazing)
Facial Cloths 
Deodorant (I went to walmart and purchased travel size toiletries so I could have these packed ahead of time)
Phone Charger
Camera, Batteries, Memory Cards
A list of photos you want (I had a few events towards the end of my labor that kept me in bed and even had me as a fall risk. My mom was in the delivery room with me and between her and my husband they knew what photos I wanted and were able to capture everything for me)
Essential Oils (Young Living Gentle Baby, Peppermint Oil- great for nausea)
Slippers with a good traction 
Lanolin Cream if Breast Feeding
Breast Pads if Breast Feeding
Hair Ties
Hair Brush
Comfortable Lounge Clothes (optional- I stayed in my hospital gown. You see these cute hospital gowns online but honestly, they will get ruined. The hospital gown was just fine with me!)

Dad's Bag

Pjs & comfortable clothes for a few days
Snacks (a family member put together a basket for us full of our favorite snacks and brought it to the hospital- best thing ever!)
Deodorant & other toiletries
Cell Phone Charger
Travel Size Tylenol, Pepto, etc (you never know!)


Diapers & Wipes (our hospital provided PLENTY! We actually came home with a few small packs but if you'd like to have some just in case you would be perfectly fine with a travel pack of wipes and a small package of diapers)
Pacifier (you may or may not need this but just in case!)
Breast Pump & Accessories (optional-we took ours and left it in the car in case we needed it but I've heard of other's using it due to latching problems)
Baby Blanket(s), swaddle cloths, etc (during our stay Sophia stayed swaddled in the hospital blanket. Again I was unable to get up a portion of the time so we didn't end up using ours until right before we left; At Roanoke Memorial we did Kangaroo Care where your baby is skin to skin a majority of the time so that child never had on clothes, just swaddled in a couple of layers of blankets)
Baby Book (sometimes the hospital will go ahead and stamp the foot prints in there for you if you ask them to)
Coming Home Outfit (I had 3 different things with me- preemie since sophia was weighing in so small a majority of my pregnancy, newborn and then 0-3....just in case)

**Be sure to check back soon as we will be updating our list soon!**