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Hi! I'm Ashley,  creator and blogger of The Mommy Room! I've been married to my wonderful husband for 6 years and we have a beautiful daughter who's 14 months old. I work full time as a customer service representative at CB&T and on the side I'm a children's photographer and an advisor for H2O at Home. I love working with people....especial children. I love capturing their innocence and being able to watch them grow through their sessions. Through H2O at Home I'm able to encourage other mom's to choose safer options in cleaning their homes. I love to blog and share my stories and experiences with others. Being a mom is fun, rewarding and sometimes exhausting. I love that The Mommy Room is a great place for mom's to go for the encouragement and inspiration that they may need.

Momma is the name! Bigger humans call me Michele. By day you can find me hanging out with two beautiful twin babes Addison and Brooke & taking care of my sweet husband. I'm also a part time chiropractic && marketing assistant for Tuck Chiropractic. I'm passionate about helping others and raising my lovely family. We hope this blog brings you love, comfort, and some laughs along the way!

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