Monday, October 19, 2015

Zubels Holiday Hand Knit Toy Review & Giveaway

When I came across Zubels' Facebook Ad a few weeks ago, I just had to check it out. Zubels creates fun hand knit toys that are made of 100% cotton.  These toys are so soft and perfect for your little ones. Zubels sent us a box full of goodies for Sophia and I to review. From the moment we received our box of goodies, I was immediately thrilled by what I found. The quality of these adorable toys is outstanding. My little girl's big blue eyes were full of excitement as I pulled each toy out. The bright colors definitely caught her interest and she couldn't wait to start playing! 

Zubels has lots of fun and adorable little toys and dolls to choose from. I just love these Lil' Dimples. They are so tiny and perfect for little hands! They are 4", 100% cotton and handmade. 

They each have little knit hangers on the back making them perfect to hang on your christmas tree!
My little one loves toys that make noise, especially when they are small enough for her to hold and shake around. I love these adorable little crochet hand rattles! They are 6" and 100% cotton and handmade. 

This sweet Lil' Dimples collection make the perfect stocking stuffers for your little ones! 

Zubels has lots of fun and adorable knit dolls to choose from in different sizes. 
Sophia absolutely loves her adorable little 7" girl elf rattle doll. I love all the little details. I just love the little braids!

The side is so perfect for her tiny little hands! She loves to shake it and hear it rattle.

Lastly we received this sweet little 14" knit soldier doll. 

Its super soft and made of 100% cotton. I love how light weight it is, perfect for your little ones to play with this holiday season. 

 Can't wait to give Zubels a try? 
They are generously giving one of our lucky followers a 12" Zubels Doll valued at $25!

To enter the giveaway please click HERE
Good Luck!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lost Creek Boutique Onesie & Skirt Review

When it comes to my little girl Sophia, I love to dress her up in the cutest clothes.
My favorite is anything hand made. When I found Lost Creek Boutique on Etsy I just knew we had to work together! Lost Creek Boutique designs and creates each special item. A few weeks ago, Sophia received an adorable outfit to review. I could not WAIT to share it! 

I absolutely loved this set! Psalms 139:14 is one of my very favorite verses. The design of the embroidery is absolutely beautiful.

The beautiful purple and pink paisley pattern matches the onesie perfectly! This set looked so cute on my sweet little girl! I love the special little extra details on the skirt!

Lost Creek Boutique has some super cute outfits that will look perfect on your little one! I love the seasonal ones!

Monday, October 5, 2015

One Blessed Mommy

Ever since I was little I knew one thing.....I wanted to be a mommy when I grew up.
In the fall of 2008 I met the most amazing man who only a couple of years later became my husband. 
After about 3 years of marriage, we knew we wanted to start a family. I was so anxious. I remember every little ache or pain I had, I ran and got a test thinking this is it! Time after time I saw that single line...or the dreaded NO or NOT PREGNANT. 

At that point I became discouraged. Everyone around me, including family, was having little ones! It was so difficult to be happy for them. I smiled on the outside but on the inside I was hurting and even envious at times. It was SO incredibly hard to remind myself that it'd all happen in God's timing. 

After over a year of waiting, I was introduced to fertility medication. 
I continued on this medication for 6 months....still nothing.

At the end of the 6 month period, I met once again with my doctor.
She told me that there was nothing else she could do, that I'd need to see a specialist. 
I remember feeling crushed when I left. I didn't want to see a specialist and I surely couldn't understand what was wrong with me. My biggest fear in life has always been not being able to have children. As I was driving down the road after that appointment I remember deciding that I was going to wait to see that specialist. It was early in the spring. I decided that I'd give it till fall before making that decision. 

Later that summer....I remember it was the month of June, I was on vacation. We didn't actually go anywhere, just spent some time around home and with each other. We made a day trip that Monday to Emerald Point. I remember stopping several times throughout the day for breaks because I was just so tired. We had stayed in a hotel the night before so I figured maybe I just hadn't slept as well as I thought I had. A few days later, I was still getting tired throughout the day. Finally the thought crosses my mind.....could it be? I grabbed a test from the stash I had created under my bathroom cabinet (I think I could have had stock in pregnancy tests) and gave it another try. 
I was used to the NO. Many days I stood waiting, patiently to get the results I wanted.
That particular day, within seconds, that test would change my life. 
Instantly the brightest and  boldest two lines you've ever seen appeared. I remember standing there stunned....Like I wasn't quite sure I was looking at it right.
Soon after that, the tears came. I've never in my life cried tears of joy until that moment. 

Sometimes I wonder why it took so long, why the fertility medicine didn't work...
But I now know, God knew when I'd be ready.
Having my precious little girl, holding her for the first time and even snuggling her up at bed time makes me realize how blessed I am. I look at her and see that sweet smile and I can't help but tear up. My heart is so incredibly full.

For those of you ladies who are struggling with this, I have felt your pain. I remember the numerous sleepless nights, the tears and the nightly prayers to God begging for a child. 
Just remember that God's timing is perfect.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

FaithBox Review

While browsing Social Media you can't help but to notice all the different types of inscription boxes that are out there. I've checked out quite a few but when I came across faithbox I was immediately impressed. As a new mom, I'm always looking for inspiration. Sometimes just coming across a nice quote on facebook or instagram is enough to help me through my day. I love that in each box you'll receive books, devotionals, etc to help you through each day and provide encouragement. One thing that I LOVE about faithbox is that for each box that is shipped, 3 meals are provided to children in need. How awesome is that? 

When I received my first box, I was SO impressed by all the amazing goodies inside. I couldn't wait to try out each item! To me this box made for the perfect quiet time! 

I absolutely LOVE candles so of course the faith candle was the first thing I pulled out. I love the soft fruity scent that drifted out as soon as I removed the top! As my yummy new candle burned I munched on the yummy chocolate expresso bar and checked out the October devotional, Everyday Faith by Jefferson Bethke. As I flipped through it I read a few inserts that were so powerful. I cannot wait to get started the 1st of October!

October 6th Devotional
"Church is not a museum for good people, it's a hospital for the broken. We don't have to hid our failure or sin. Who are you when you come to church?"

Also inside the box was a tube of the most amazing cocoa lip balm ever. 
It only has 3 ingredients- cocoa butter, coconut oil and beeswax. Its also organic and made in the US! Just a tiny bit will leave your lips feeling absolutely amazing! 

Lastly, was the book It's Not What You Think,Why Christianity is About So Much More Than Going to Heaven When You Die, also by Jefferson Bethke. The author is also the New York Times Best Selling author of Jesus > Religion. The book has some wonderful reviews on the back from people such as Sadie Robertson (member of the show Duck Dynasty) and Chip Gaines (host of HGTV's hit show Fixer Upper). 

Let me just say that I love to read! BUT when it comes to these types of books I tend to have a hard time keeping interest. I want something that holds my attention...or tells a story. 
After reading the first couple of chapters, my attention was immediately grabbed. This book points out so many things that should be noticed in the Christian faith. Western Christians have created such "cookie cutter" ways, especially when sharing Jesus with others. Its definitely a book that will make you think about how you live you Christian life.

One of my favorite things that he pointed out was the use of the little bracelets that as children we'd make at bible school and youth know the ones with the colored beads that you used to share Jesus with others? Have you noticed that you start with a black bead? The black bead represents sin. Its kinda like saying "hay! I want to talk to you. My name is Ashley. Your a sinner." 
Now should your conversation really start out that way??
In Genesis 1, the world is full of peace. Its not till Genesis chapter 3 when sin is introduced. Why should we skip to chapter 3 when sharing the story? 
I never thought of it that way and reading that chapter has given me a whole new perspective of sharing the story of Christ. 

In just the first few chapters this book has already opened my eyes to a few different things. 
Its definitely a book that I encourage everyone to check out at sometime. 

For more about the author, Jefferson Bethke: