Sunday, May 29, 2016

From Baby to Toddler

Days like today make me miss those days when my little Sophia was crawling around and contently playing with her toys. I could throw a load of laundry in the wash and do some things around the house and she was so good and easily entertained. Its hard to believe that just a few short months later she's walking EVERYWHERE. Oh and not just walking....but also climbing everything. I miss those days when I could contain her by blocking in our living room with our furniture! (I know we can't be the only ones who do that right?) Now when I'm home alone with her, she goes everywhere I go. Gotta run to the bathroom? Better bring a toy or two along or she'll be digging in the bathroom cabinets, pulling trash out of the trash can or unrolling the toilet paper. 

Sophia's vocabulary is also expanding rapidly. She can say mum, daddy, ki-ki (kitty), ow (ouch), baby and her newest addition.......No! And believe me...the child knows how to use it! Today everything I told her she responded NO! Its like a glimpse at what teenage years will be like! This momma is definitely not ready to think about that! 

Her favorite thing right now is to climb on the couches. Today she managed to knock over a cup of orange juice. I grab paper towels and I'm sopping it up when I hear this giggling. I peek up over the couch and there she stands naked with her diaper in her hand hold it up like she's showing me what she did. I grab her diaper and toss is and grab her a fresh one. By the time I come back into the room, she's running through the house naked. I get her diaper back on her and take her back into our living room. About 30 minutes later, I step in something wet in the was right in the same spot she was standing naked with her diaper. child yanked her diaper off and peed in the floor. 

Today has definitely been one of those days. One moment you want to laugh and the next (stepping in pee and sopping up OJ) you want to break down and cry. My little bit definitely keeps me busy now but I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world!