Thursday, October 1, 2015

FaithBox Review

While browsing Social Media you can't help but to notice all the different types of inscription boxes that are out there. I've checked out quite a few but when I came across faithbox I was immediately impressed. As a new mom, I'm always looking for inspiration. Sometimes just coming across a nice quote on facebook or instagram is enough to help me through my day. I love that in each box you'll receive books, devotionals, etc to help you through each day and provide encouragement. One thing that I LOVE about faithbox is that for each box that is shipped, 3 meals are provided to children in need. How awesome is that? 

When I received my first box, I was SO impressed by all the amazing goodies inside. I couldn't wait to try out each item! To me this box made for the perfect quiet time! 

I absolutely LOVE candles so of course the faith candle was the first thing I pulled out. I love the soft fruity scent that drifted out as soon as I removed the top! As my yummy new candle burned I munched on the yummy chocolate expresso bar and checked out the October devotional, Everyday Faith by Jefferson Bethke. As I flipped through it I read a few inserts that were so powerful. I cannot wait to get started the 1st of October!

October 6th Devotional
"Church is not a museum for good people, it's a hospital for the broken. We don't have to hid our failure or sin. Who are you when you come to church?"

Also inside the box was a tube of the most amazing cocoa lip balm ever. 
It only has 3 ingredients- cocoa butter, coconut oil and beeswax. Its also organic and made in the US! Just a tiny bit will leave your lips feeling absolutely amazing! 

Lastly, was the book It's Not What You Think,Why Christianity is About So Much More Than Going to Heaven When You Die, also by Jefferson Bethke. The author is also the New York Times Best Selling author of Jesus > Religion. The book has some wonderful reviews on the back from people such as Sadie Robertson (member of the show Duck Dynasty) and Chip Gaines (host of HGTV's hit show Fixer Upper). 

Let me just say that I love to read! BUT when it comes to these types of books I tend to have a hard time keeping interest. I want something that holds my attention...or tells a story. 
After reading the first couple of chapters, my attention was immediately grabbed. This book points out so many things that should be noticed in the Christian faith. Western Christians have created such "cookie cutter" ways, especially when sharing Jesus with others. Its definitely a book that will make you think about how you live you Christian life.

One of my favorite things that he pointed out was the use of the little bracelets that as children we'd make at bible school and youth know the ones with the colored beads that you used to share Jesus with others? Have you noticed that you start with a black bead? The black bead represents sin. Its kinda like saying "hay! I want to talk to you. My name is Ashley. Your a sinner." 
Now should your conversation really start out that way??
In Genesis 1, the world is full of peace. Its not till Genesis chapter 3 when sin is introduced. Why should we skip to chapter 3 when sharing the story? 
I never thought of it that way and reading that chapter has given me a whole new perspective of sharing the story of Christ. 

In just the first few chapters this book has already opened my eyes to a few different things. 
Its definitely a book that I encourage everyone to check out at sometime. 

For more about the author, Jefferson Bethke:

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