Thursday, February 25, 2016

Soother Sidekicks Retractable Paci Clip- Review & Giveaway

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I'm excited to share with you moms an amazing company that I stumbled across a few weeks ago! 
Say hello to Soother Sidekicks! Soother Sidekicks is the home of the amazing retractable paci clip. I couldn't wait to receive our clip to review! As a mom, I hated being out and about and her paci dragging around and touching all of those icky surfaces! A paci clip that retracts was a dream come true! Soother Sidekicks sent us one of their paci clips in Floral Tye-Dye to review.

This paci clip has an easy to use clip and is made using an athletic, stain resistant material. 
Its Retractable! With just a little pull, your little one can pull it strait to their mouth with no fuss! When not in use it will retract!

We're excited to share that Soother Sidekicks is giving away one of their retractable paci clips to one of our lucky readers! You can enter the giveaway by visiting this link:

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