Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Life as a Toddler Mom

Being a mom is one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. I absolutely love her sweet little smile, the sound of those tiny little feet running through the house and those sweet little arms wrapped around my neck giving me "night-night hugs." Life is perfect....and chaotic...and wide open.

I remember thinking to myself when Sophia was much younger- "I can't wait till she gets a bit older and I can play with her and take her outside." Now that that time has come around, I find myself occasionally missing that bit of calmness I experienced then. She would sit contently in the floor and play with her toys and only cry when she was hungry. This momma has had a very RUDE awakening! 

Hello Toddler Life!

I'm starting to think that maybe a toddler mom survival class should be available for us new moms! 
Sweet Sophia, 17 months old, is a ball of energy. She is non stop going from the time she gets up till the time she goes to bed. She wears me out chasing after her as she repeatedly gets into everything. I can literally look away 2 seconds and in that time she's managed to pull trash out of the trash can, drag my kitchen rug across the room and pull all the dish towels out of the drawer. In this time I've decided to give up on having a clean home. The more I clean, the more she destroys. 

Silence is Scary

As much as I LOVE the quiet...If it gets too quiet, something is very very wrong. 
For example, the other night she was in the living room with her dad with cartoons on the TV. I noticed she was quiet and for a moment I thought wow, this is going to be a nice peaceful evening. Several moments later after dinner was put in the oven, I ventured into the living room to join them. I take one look at the couch and I just sighed. Sophia had proceeded to stand up on my couch and pull half the dirt out of my house place on the sofa table onto the couch. 
It. was. everywhere.
It was in the floor, in between the cushions, on the cushions and in the floor. 
Again.....silence is scary

I Can Do It

My toddler is very independent. 
If something doesn't go the way she wants it to, there's a complete melt down.
For example- she can't get her riding toy turned around so she can go into the kitchen, I won't let her play in the trashcan, I'm in the bathroom with the door shut, she can't get her shoe on her foot (she loves to try and put her shoes on) or I won't let her eat a piece of paper.
One piece of advice I learned from my mom- choose your battles wisely. 
That may mean letting her pull all the rubbermaid containers out from the cabinet just so she'll be entertained long enough for me to cook dinner. 

I have finally come to terms with the idea that my home won't be spotless (or tidy), the sink will just about always have dirty dishes in it and my laundry will NEVER be caught up.
I'll never get to eat a snack without her standing there with her hands up wanting some.
I'll never get to go to the bathroom in peace.
But you know what? I'm perfectly okay with that. I couldn't imagine life any differently. In fact, It'd have to be pretty boring. Mom life, especially with a toddler is fun and exhausting at the same time. I'm extremely blessed and so glad God gave me my Sophia

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