Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Meet Michele

Hey Y’all! For those who don’t know me, I’m Michele. I’m married to a handsome dairy farmer who loves his family, dirt bikes, and trucks. I am a wife, mom to our beautiful twin girls Addison and Brooke, and a photographer. I also work part time at a Chiropractic office [more on the importance of this later]! I love sitcoms, old and new, especially friends, last man standing, king of queens, home improvement, Oh and cannot forget GOLDEN GIRLS, I mean, please, Blanche, Sophia? Rose? Dorothy, they are a hoot! I listen to frank Sinatra and all the 40’s music that makes people ask “why?”. It soothes my soul; I can’t explain it. Something super important you need to know I am obsessed with Christmas. I would start decorating today if I could. [Meaning if my husband wouldn’t make fun of me every day!] 
Even more important than these things, I am so thankful for God and his never-ending grace. I want you to understand that I lean on his word and he leads me every day. If there is one thing in the past two years I have learned, it’s that he never leaves us or forsakes us. Even when we stray or are what I call, in zombie mode, he is there.

You know what I’m talking about though, right? This zombie mode that you enter when you become a mom. You’re tired, you’ve got these random hot flashes, you’ve got people in your ear, and you’ve disconnected with your husband. I’ve told many of my friends and family that now that the girls are almost 2, I can see clearer picture what God was doing. What if, it’s his plan all along to break us down to the bare bottom, then build us back up? Isn’t that what all of us moms know to be true? We are much better people because we are moms, because these small creatures break us down and show us what living is all about. We come out more confident, more selfless, and closer to God. My breakdown story will come soon enough friends.
I’m so excited to be sharing my life, love, and gratefulness with you through this blog. I want to share the the little things, the silly things, and the big things that only God can handle. Whether it’s recipes I can’t keep to myself, bible verses that tug at my heart, or life hacks I want to share, I’m so happy to be here for YOU! Please let me know at any time if you need help, to talk, or to just share some happy or sad life happenings! Life is too sweet not to share.

Michele Green 

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